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XENTA. Beyond the Quality of Individual Products.

More than a decade ago, XENTA launched the first Joystick Steering System and has not looked back since. In the intervening years, it has broadened its scope and now offers a complete product range for boats of all types: sailing or motor, cruising or maneuvering. Its products are integrated with engines, thruster systems: shaft lines, surface drives, waterjets, pods, etc. XENTA can offer custom systems adapted to any type of yacht design: monohull, multihull, planing, displacement, etc.

XENTA’s product range includes: Electronic Throttles, Electro-Hydraulic Steering Systems, Joysticks, Flaps and Remote Control Systems.

The XENTA systems can work very efficiently independently of each other but they deliver the greatest advantages when they are integrated. XENTA has developed a sophisticated integrated Control System that makes the interaction of the various components even more efficient. This in turn has broadened the range of functionalities offered as well as boosting performance, reliability and safety. Purchasing a XENTA Integrated Control System is a worthwhile move because installation is simpler and faster and it also facilitates assistance.

Controlling your boat has never been simpler, safer or more exhilarating. 

Freedom of Movement,
Integration and Design

XENTA combines leading-edge technology, vision and creativity to bring innovation to the nautical world.

Since its earliest days, XENTA has been renowned for the precision and reliability of its products. Its Control Systems incorporate both hardware and software to guarantee superior performance, reliability, user-friendliness and maintenance.


The X-DOCK allows you to execute complex maneuvers simply and with exceptional precision.

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The X-POWER is the perfect marriage of a robust yet ergonomic design and a user-friendly control system.

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The X-STEER system uses CAN-BUS technology to connect the console with the engine room.

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X-DP is the perfect way of holding your boat’s position without having to down anchor.

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X-RC is a wireless device that offers absolute mooring confidence in all conditions.

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