The Feeling of Power


Innovative, compact design meets the performance only the finest technology can offer.

The X-POWER is the perfect marriage of a robust, ergonomic design and a user-friendly control system. The result is superior comfort combined with much easier, safer steering, and astonishing control of your boat’s power. The X-POWER offers a unique experience: a feeling of complete mastery of the vessel. The system delivers easy maneuvering with smooth gear-shifting. This translates into improved control in all contexts, regardless of engine and propulsion type.

The X-POWER with Syncro mode synchronizes engine revs even if the levers are slightly misaligned.  Furthermore, activating the Single Lever mode allows the engines to be controlled using a single lever, enhancing the seafaring experience still further.

When Warm Up mode is selected, the system will allow you to increase the engine revs without going into gear.  The Trolling mode, on the other hand, activates the trolling valve to make gear engagement smoother and reduce the boat’s minimum speed. 

The X-POWER also integrates further user-friendly functions designed to give you complete control of the boat and to install up to six stations aboard.

The X-POWER is available in a choice of three models: Classic, Chair and Swan.

XENTA provides bespoke solutions tailored specifically to foster a seamless bond between helmsman and yacht, and to deliver complete control of every last horse power unleashed by the engines. The look of the system can be customized too to reflect the console layout and owner’s tastes.

There are no limits at XENTA: you design your X-POWER and XENTA will make a one-off product just for you. 

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