XENTA Joystick

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XENTA Joystick

The XENTA Joystick allows you to execute complex maneuvers simply and with exceptional precision.

Even in the most challenging mooring conditions i.e. tight spaces, high winds or strong currents, the XENTA Joystick’s superior efficiency is clear, making even tricky, awkward maneuvers feel safe and straightforward.

The XENTA Joystick makes a system available to everyone – owners and captains alike – that lets them concentrate on maneuvering without having to think about simultaneously controlling propulsion and thrusters.

The XENTA Joystick is the best way to enhance anybody’s ability to control a craft – dependent on its characteristics and how evolved they are.

The system has already been installed on thousands of boats and can replace not just using a wheel for steering but also throttles to control the power delivered by the engines. The XENTA Joystick can also be used to modulate the propulsion systems to guarantee rapid, precise responsiveness.  Thanks to XENTA’s sophisticated and very powerful algorithm, the boat can be maneuvered in any direction, even sideways.
The Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) and relative Integrated Compass help the helmsman compensate for wind and current. Thanks to these modern technologies, the helmsman is free to focus entirely on maneuvering, leaving the system to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.   

Watch the video dedicated to XENTA and its Maneuvering System!

Ergonomics and design

The XENTA joystick is not just an innovative high-tech control system and a user-friendly way of helming your boat. It is also a beautifully designed object in its own right that will add prestige to any console. Its ergonomics have been meticulously researched and designed so that it creates a seamless interface between man and boat. The Joystick is thus very much a designer object that is both beautiful and functional at once. Created to deliver a solid grip so that users can feel and exploit its exceptional sensitivity literally through their fingers.
The XENTA Joystick also features a backlit control panel to make it easy to use at night also.

Make the best. Even better.

The XENTA Joystick offers maximum technical personalization. Equally, the joystick installed on the console can be custom-trimmed in leather to coordinate with the décor of each individual boat and reflect the personality of each owner.
All you have to do is select the color and type of leather you want and XENTA will do the rest. We use only the finest Italian calfskin and our trims are completely handcrafted using simple tools and no machines whatsoever. The leather is meticulously applied so that it hugs the shape of the Joystick for maximum comfort.
Just contact us and we can help you design the trim that will make your XENTA Joystick unique. A pleasure to both touch and eye.

In collaboration with Skinclò.

The will to
continuously improve

The latest generation of the XENTA Joystick is the XENTA Wireless Joystick which works just like the classic Joystick with the difference that it allows the captain to move freely and control the boat from any position on board.

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