The assistance XENTA provides to shipyards can be divided into the three separate phases that result in the installation of XENTA systems on new models.

1. The Design Phase

XENTA works hand-in-glove and step-by-step with the yard’s own technical office on the engineering and integration of the XENTA systems with other onboard systems.

2. Installation

A veritable taskforce of XENTA technicians and engineers comes aboard the yacht to guide the yard’s technicians through the installation of the systems, providing them with thorough training to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of each phase of the process.

3. Sea Trials

What makes XENTA so unique is also the sheer speed with which its systems achieve optimal efficiency after installation. The fine-tuning carried out by XENTA technicians enhances the interaction between XENTA technology and each individual yacht design. This fine-tuning is what turns being at the helm into a completely new and exceptionally rewarding experience. It is also exceptionally rapid, saving the yard both time and money.    

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