XENTA Remote Control

Freedom to Move

XENTA Remote Control

The Remote Control is the perfect way of remotely maneuvering your boat in complete safety. This wireless device offers users absolute mooring confidence in all conditions.

The Remote Control allows the boat to be maneuvered freely from either stern or bow. This means that the user’s field of vision is wider than it is from the usual console position, making it easier to spot potential obstacles assistance-free. Using just this one wireless device, you can control your starboard engine, port engine and the stern drive if there is one. It also makes anchoring much simpler too as the XENTA Remote Control can also be used to down or hoist anchor from any point aboard.

The XENTA Remote Control is an innovative, technologically-advanced system that guarantees superb reliability and simplicity of use. Entering and leaving port or negotiating tight waters are just a few of the tricky situations helmsmen encounter. But with XENTA Remote Control you will always have an invaluable ally to count on to ensure you make the best of every situation. 

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