XENTA was founded with the specific intention of simplifying the process of helming boats.

The company’s first product was the Joystick, which it followed up by developing an Integrated Control System that also includes Dynamic Positioning Systems, Helm by Wire, Throttles, Integration with Autopilots, Automatic Flaps and other Trim Correction Systems.

XENTA now enjoys a position as the go-to company in the yachting industry for innovation. A reputation earned as a result of its history, experience and ability to seamlessly meld an accelerated development process with a creative engineering strategy.

Today, XENTA is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Integrated Control Systems for boats, yachts and superyachts, with a proven ability to deliver both optimal performance and superb reliability.

Thanks to their use of By Wire technology adapted from aerospace for the nautical sector, XENTA’s systems are quick and easy to install as well as offering the helmsman absolutely precision maneuvering. The result is a completely unprecedented helming experience that makes the interaction between helmsman and boat much more intuitive and effortless.

XENTA’s innovative technology optimizes your control over your boat, resulting in a more pleasant and rewarding seafaring experience.


XENTA is working to establish a whole new bond between man and yacht.

Thanks to the extensive research and development, it has poured into its integrated steering systems, it is now leading the yachting world to an authentic revolution. XENTA’s goal is to strip away everything but the very best of the navigation experience for the helmsman: the adrenaline rush of speed, the pleasure of effortless maneuvering, the satisfaction of getting 100% from a craft’s technical characteristics and the power of its engines. 

XENTA technology turns taking the helm into a joy, by ensuring you are in complete control of your yacht at all times. 

XENTA technology has completely revolutionized the man-boat relationship when it comes to maneuvering too, by consistently assisting the helmsman through every single maneuver, including in tight spaces and high winds. 

But that is far from the end of the story...

A reputation for reliability and safety combined with seamlessly integrated systems have made XENTA the go-to partner for all of the leading engine manufacturers and motor and sailing yacht builders, who refuse to offer their clients anything but the very best.


XENTA’s mission since its foundation has been to simplify mooring maneuvers and make the impossible seem not just possible but simple.

This led it to design the first Joystick for sailing and motor boats of all types regardless of the propulsion system they used: shaft line, pods, surface drives, waterjet.

The By Wire used for XENTA’s Joystick system eliminates all mechanical connections between console controls, appendages and propulsion units in the water. It was also subsequently used on XENTA’s steering and throttle systems, which are now the market benchmark for 21st century yachts as they deliver complete control in all types of conditions in both close quarters maneuvering and open sea.

XENTA is now one of the leaders in the development and manufacturing of innovative Control Systems that offer maximum performance coupled with exceptional reliability.