The X-DOCK for your Sailing Yacht

When it first launched, the X-DOCK revolutionized the way motoryachts are maneuvered in both tight waters and open sea. Now that game-changing technology, which remains unequalled on the market, is available for sailing yachts as these are equally difficult to control when maneuvering under engine power. Regardless of whether owner or captain is at the helm and the type of craft, weather conditions or current involved, the X-DOCK will make mooring safe, simple and intuitive – a genuinely new way to control your boat.

With over 4,000 installations worldwide, the X-DOCK uses a powerful, reliable and highly sophisticated algorithm developed by the company’s in-house Research and Development team to simultaneously control all the systems involved in maneuvering.

The helm, engine, retractable bow and stern thrusters all work in harmony to allow the helmsman to move the boat exactly where he wants it to go – even sideways. The X-DOCK autonomously controls all the power from both the thrusters and the propulsion system, to move with the boat with the kind of e millimeter-perfect precision that would otherwise be extremely difficult to achieve.


The X-DOCK can only be installed aboard sailing craft with bow and stern thrusters. To guarantee optimal performance, XENTA uses retractable thrusters as these limit the hull’s fluid-dynamic drag underway. Their props only extend out from the hull into their operational position when activated during mooring and then retract once deactivated, restoring the hull’s geometry to seamless perfection.


Sailing yachts installing the X-DOCK can also be equipped with the X-DP, a virtual anchoring system that integrates GPS and compass data with data from a high precision gyroscopic platform to maintain the boat’s position and bow direction.