Leading Innovation of Integrated Control Systems for boats, yachts and superyachts.


XENTA offers a complete product range of technologically advanced Integrated Control Systems to boost performance, reliability and safety of your boat.

XENTA’s product range includes: Electronic Throttles, Electro-Hydraulic Steering Systems, Joysticks, Flaps and Remote Control Systems.


XENTA offers a complete product range for sailing and motor boats of all types regardless of the propulsion system they used.

Shaft Line, Waterjet, Surface Drive, POD
Sail Drive and Shaft Line

With over 4000 installations worldwide, XENTA is one of the leaders in the development and manufacturing of Integrated Control Systems.

X-DOCK for your Sailing Yacht


XENTA works with great dedication to ensure it can provide immediate solutions to any potential problems. XENTA guarantees fast, reliable assistance, 365 days a year.


The assistance XENTA provides to shipyards can be divided into the three separate phases that result in the installation of XENTA systems on new models:

1. The Design Phase
2. Installation
3. Sea Trials

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