XENTA seamlessly integrates all forms of control – steering engines, transmissions, along with thrusters, trim tabs.

By maximizing the performance of each of these, and simultaneously by providing you an enhanced tactile feel,
we deliver a safer, more enjoyable and exciting user experience.


About Us

Initially, our goal was to simplify close quarters maneuvering with the first independent Joystick product.
Since its inception in 2004, it has been installed on more than 3000 boats with every major engine, transmission and thruster combination.

This led us to where we are today, to infinite possibilities of seamless integration and expanded systems
that control the boat not only at the dock, but under way.


Our Products

XENTA supplies a full range of technologically advanced products adding an intelligent level of control and a more exciting user experience.
In addition, XENTA can provide a single fully integrated product able to work at maximum synergy.

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