Love your boat? XENTA can give you a “New Boat Experience” by updating your boat’s technology.

Technology and innovation is not exclusive to new boat purchases.

XENTA can fit your existing boat with the most innovative and advanced controls offered in the nautical market today. Its controls add a higher-level of control and maneuverability, making your boating experience more enjoyable. With a higher level of safety and performance, XENTA helps you maximize the investment already made in your boat while adding to you boating pleasure.

When the right ideas come together, you don’t just get greatness, you change the paradigm of an industry.
XENTA’s integrated technology changes the way boats are piloted. Its technology, includes new methods of integration creating a seamless on-board system that elevates any boats control and performance.

For more information contact our US-based Retrofit Department on the free number 1-866-936-8287