XENTA flanks CCN in protecting the Planet

XENTA flanks CCN in protecting the Planet

XENTA flanks CCN in protecting the Planet 2560 1707 XENTA

XENTA is delighted to announce it is aboard M/Y Vanadis, the fourth yacht in CNN’s Fuoriserie family and also the first Italian-built craft to be awarded Hybrid Power certification by Lloyd’s Register.

Sporting two Schottel STP 150 FP twin-propeller azimuth pods controlled by the hybrid system which comprises both traditional diesel engines and electric motors, Vanadis can run in diesel, diesel electric or full electric modes. She boasts a pack of high performance AKASOL (175 kWh) lithium ion batteries which can power most of the hotel facilities aboard, so that she can ride at anchor without creating any emissions whatsoever for up to 17 consecutive hours and cruise fast for up to 180 minutes completely independently depending on the battery charge.

Aboard M/Y Vanadis, XENTA’s Integrated Control Systems have been coupled for the first time with SCHOTTEL’s azimuthal pods which can rotate 360° on their vertical axes.  Thanks to XENTA’s system, both the pods and the stern thruster are controlled by a single processor. The use of software customized specifically for this application means the maneuvering system instantly and very efficiently adjusts both thrust and direction of each of the above so that the helmsman can control the boat to the very last millimeter with the Joystick.

An added plus of the XENTA Steering System is DP or Dynamic Positioning. Using new generation GPS Dynamic Positioning allows the captain to anchor electronically and holds both the craft’s position and bow direction, all at the touch of a button.

M/Y Vanadis ushers in a whole new era for the luxury yacht scene, positioning herself as a front-line player in promoting the cultural revolution essential to protecting our planet as much as possible.