4,500 times XENTA, numbers and new technologies synthesis of constant growth

4,500 times XENTA, numbers and new technologies synthesis of constant growth

4,500 times XENTA, numbers and new technologies synthesis of constant growth 1920 1080 XENTA

XENTA, international leader in the development and production of integrated control systems for yachts and superyachts, announces the achievement of the 4,500 installations so far made on a kaleidoscope of boats of all sizes, types and shapes.

The unit that boasts the finish line is the Baglietto C10236 construction or “Rush”, a beautiful motoryacht of the Fast series designed in toto by Francesco Paszkowski, who for the interior has made use of the collaboration of Margherita Casprini.

Dropped into the water in May and presented at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, Rush is 42 meters long and it is entirely made of aluminum with semi-planing hull.

In its engine room, two of the three MTU 16V 2000 M96 L engines installed, the external ones, are coupled to traditional shaft-line transmission systems, while the central third one discharges its power into the water through a waterjet system. And it is mainly thanks to the thrust of the booster, a VOITH linear jet, that this tonnage Baglietto 399 GT reaches 28 maximum speed.

For Baglietto Rush the shipowner chose:

X-Power, the XENTA electronic throttle levers, the perfect balance between a robust and ergonomic design and an easy to use control system;

X-Steer, the XENTA steering system Helm by Wire that gives a superior feeling in the guide of the boat;

X-DOCK, that is the XENTA Joystick, able to offer the possibility to carry out complex maneuvers in simple way and with the maximum precision;

X-DP where DP stands for Dynamic Positioning that is the XENTA system able to keep the boat steady and with the bow always oriented with the same compass degrees, without having to let go the anchor;

X-SIDE, the XENTA control system of the maneuver propellers (thruster) of XENTA, essential in order to facilitate the maneuvers in restricted water.

The achievement is important, significant for the company in numerical terms, but above all able to emphasize how XENTA technology is perfectly capable of marrying any naval project, even that of a 42-meter hull with mixed propulsion systems, 28 knots maximum speed and the needs of a heterogeneous clientele, aware that choosing the XENTA systems buys the best for themselves and for their boat.

Baglietto Rush

Anyway XENTA does not stop looking ahead, however, and it is constantly investing in research and development with the aim of introducing further innovation in yachting. This is confirmed by the new systems X-AID and X-SELF, brought to debut this year by participating in September at the main boat shows that marked the beginning of the 2023 nautical year. 

The X-AID (XENTA – Adaptive Integrated Docking) is an adaptive system, which is able to self-adapt to the surrounding environment, effectively eliminating any possible external interference, such as wind and current. In this way, the maneuvers become more fluid, without the need of continuous corrections by those who are steering the boat. The system is also able to intervene on the boat headway, thus facilitating its stop.

X-SELF, the XENTA Autonomous Mooring System, is able to bring a boat in and out of its berth, in an automated and safe way. XENTA X-SELF allows the captain to relax without having to intervene, except for small adjustments. X-AID and X-SELF, like all other XENTA products, can be requested on many of the new boats produced by leading international shipyards as well as on many of the yachts already sailing.