XENTA at Cannes and Genoa Boat Shows with two innovations: X-AID and X-SELF. The future of boating is now

XENTA at Cannes and Genoa Boat Shows with two innovations: X-AID and X-SELF. The future of boating is now

XENTA at Cannes and Genoa Boat Shows with two innovations: X-AID and X-SELF. The future of boating is now 1697 1131 XENTA

Continuous research and development activity has always characterized XENTA.  This direction has led us from being a leader in the design and manufacture of integrated steering and trim systems, suitable for all types of boats – to the creation of yet another innovative product, capable of making a difference in the control of a yacht. It’s called X-AID (XENTA – Adaptive Integrated Docking) and is available in combination with the XENTA Joystick, the X-DOCK.

The true innovation of the X-AID System is its ability to be adaptive. X-i2, the Central Computer Unit is responsible for the operation of the XENTA System. This, coupled with a sophisticated inertial platform – estimates the position, speed, acceleration and orientation of the boat without the need for external references.  The highly refined management software, acquires information in real time and estimates the outside forces generated by wind and current that may affect its desired vector in maneuver. The artificial intelligence X-i2 that governs X-AID, autonomously adapts the system to them, and adjusts any possible interference from them. In addition to this outstanding capability, X-AID’s powerful algorithm operates on the boat’s fresh way, making it easier to stop. The result is that, as soon as you release the joystick in the neutral position, the boat is stopped in a controlled way and maintains the desired position. X-AID is a very impressive product, destined to create a new level of interaction between man and his yacht. XENTA, has created a major step forward in terms of technology.

The X-SELF, another new product introduced by XENTA for the 2022 season, makes a decisive contribution to offering an unmatched and unprecedented maneuvering experience. X-SELF is XENTA’s autonomous docking system, capable of bringing a boat in and out of its mooring place, without any human intervention. It is able to do this in complete safety, with incredible precision, simply by activating the system on the XENTA interface with the screens on board. Available in combination with X-DOCK and X-AID, X-SELF is what can bring a yacht closer to the concept of “autonomous boat 4.0”: the boat of the future, “intelligent”, the one able to act autonomously on the steering system, leaving the captain to intervene, if and when he considers it necessary, to modify the maneuver. An innovative system that makes navigation easier, safer and more fun, constantly at the side of whoever is in command of the boat.

For those who want to know more about the innovative X-AID and X-SELF, the XENTA team will be present at the Cannes Yachting Festival – September 7 to 12, 2021, Vieux Port – Stand PAN 318 – and immediately afterwards at the Genoa Boat Show – September 16 to 21, 2021, Power Village – Stand YE02 – to illustrate all the features of both the new products and its established range: electronic throttles, electro-hydraulic steering systems, joysticks, flaps and remote control systems.