XENTA and Simrad combine technologies

XENTA and Simrad combine technologies

XENTA and Simrad combine technologies 2560 1920 XENTA

XENTA is broadening the scope of its Integrated Control Systems: the result is the new Simrad autopilot-dedicated interface which makes new concept functions available to allow rudders to be used independently of each other and to exploit the autopilot’s own functions as efficiently as possible.

Since 2004, XENTA has been producing Integrated Control Systems for yachts and superyachts that aim to enhance the seafaring prowess of all boats, making steering and handling not just safe but completely user-friendly. The result is a genuinely different bond between helmsman and craft that will delight and exhilarate the former.

With over 4,000 installations worldwide to date, XENTA uses CAN BUS technology to replace mechanical connects with electrical signals, resulting in superior efficiency, responsiveness and precision in the exchange of information between the various components.

In relation specifically to XENTA’s Steering Systems, the digital information exchanged between wheel and Main Control Unit allows dedicated software to control the rudder blades with astonishing precision. Activated by electro-hydraulic actuators, the latter no longer work solely in tandem but also independently of each other, moving freely and rotating on their vertical axes at different angles, depending on the navigation conditions. The independent control of the two rudders at various speeds improves the boat’s turning performance and guarantees maximum safety in all navigation situations. Furthermore, the fact that both XENTA and Simrad use the NMEA 2000 interface ensures that the autopilot’s various functions are exploited very efficiently indeed.

The XENTA App, which was created based on develop work carried out with Naviop (a Simrad Group member), will be available for the entire SIMRAD display range. It will provide detailed information on all XENTA products aboard the boat in question. This will not be confined, however, to the Steering System but will also feature information on the Joystick system, Dynamic Positioning and Engine Control data.