The Ferretti 720: XENTA technology flanks Ferretti Group once again

The Ferretti 720: XENTA technology flanks Ferretti Group once again

The Ferretti 720: XENTA technology flanks Ferretti Group once again 1024 682 XENTA

Presented at the recent Cannes show, the new Ferretti Yachts 720 is one of the latest craft to be debuted by Ferretti Yachts. Channeling the same family feeling as the other models in the range, the Ferretti 720, however, also underscores the way the brand continues to successfully and continuously evolve whilst retaining its own unique character.

Once again, a noteworthy feature aboard is the XENTA Electro-hydraulic Steering System, first launched in the Ferretti 780 and the Ferretti 670. The advantages offered by the system include more comfortable, precision steering thanks to the fact that the helm is so easy to handle with optimal turning in all sea conditions even at fast speeds. The Tactile version delivers extremely responsive, precision maneuvering for a genuine car-style steering experience.

CAN-BUS technology connects the wheel to the Main Control Unit, so that they can exchange of digital information.

This allows the XENTA System to control the yacht’s rudders either conventionally or independently of each other, moving them freely and rotating them on their vertical axes at different angles based on steering conditions. The result is perfect turns with minimal speed loss and minimal turning radius for guaranteed superb safety in all conditions.

The Electro-Hydraulic Steering System can be completed by a XENTA Joystick package coupled with a powerful proportional thruster, which includes Docking and Tiller/Cruise functionalities for a fun, dynamic navigation experience. The Cruise function increases or decreases the cruise speed while the Tiller allows you to correct your course as if you were using the tiller/helm.

Another optional extra that can be ordered with the Joystick System is the innovative DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) for shaft line propulsion systems, which autonomously controls the boat to ensure it holds its position at a specific point.