Topsystem and XENTA: Surface propellers become user friendly

Topsystem and XENTA: Surface propellers become user friendly

Topsystem and XENTA: Surface propellers become user friendly 1920 1280 XENTA

The first propulsion systems with surface propellers were too complex to manage for a novice yachtsman. A technical and cultural barrier broken down by TOPSYSTEM with its surface transmission that combines the technical advantages of this type of propulsion with an ease of use and management able to create a new era in the field of high performance boats. Thanks to a fully automated control system, result of a partnership between TS Drive Srl, owner of the TOP SYSTEM SURFACE DRIVE brand, and XENTA. The integrated devices are able to regulate electronically and completely autonomously the surface drives with variable trim and direction. The patented electronic system “EASY SET®” is composed by a series of components that interact electronically with each other for a fully automated boat control.

A complete system has just been installed on board the fast open Rizzardi 48 IN that, together with the Topsystem TS-65 surface transmissions, includes the oleodynamic rudder managed by the “Helm by Wire” electronic module designed by XENTA. The module can be programmed in two versions: in the “Standard” version, the steering wheel is passive and the guide is controlled by a variable electromagnetic brake that allows the rotation force and the position of its end stops to be varied according to the speed and pace of the boat. In the “Tactile” version, the steering wheel is active, which means that it gives the captain tactile sensations, a real driving feeling in automotive style.



In addition, the XENTA Joystick for surface transmissions, another component integrated in the EasySet System, is revolutionary and represents an epochal step for the total management of the two transmissions. The Joystick can be selected in two operating modes: Docking and Cruise. In the “Docking” mode the propulsion devices are managed autonomously, translating the movements of the joystick to the movement of the boat allowing the captain to fully concentrate on the most suitable maneuver and leaving the system to define the action of the engines and the maneuvering propellers.

The system is controlled by a touch-screen monitor located on the dashboard and it can be customized electronically with various functions. Of course, the manual controls are always available to ensure maximum driving pleasure in the continuous research for maximum performance.