Ferretti Yachts has chosen XENTA technology for the new Ferretti 670 Steering System

Drive by Wire control system, present on board the Ferretti Yacht 670, takes advantage from electronics and mechatronics to make by wire every system of connection between the main deck and the systems responsible for motion (engines, inverters and thrusters) and for boat control (rudders), substituting all mechanic connection with electrical signals. The latter creates a network able to provide vehicle information within the XENTA electronic control system. The digital information exchanged between the steering wheels placed on both the control stations (internal and external) of the XENTA steering system and the main Control Unit, allow dedicated software to control the yacht’s rudders with micrometrical precision. The rudders, activated by electrohydraulic actuators, are no longer just with coupled pales, but are now independent ones released and able to rotate on their own vertical axis, with different impacts according to steering conditions. The two rudders’ independent operation, at different gaits, enhances boat’s turning performances and ensures the maximum safety in any situation.

XENTA Helm by Wire, in the “Tactile” version, offers unique sensations to the captain, a proper automotive drive feeling. The steering wheel is self-centering, namely able to return autonomously to its center position, optimizing turning’s end. At the end of the turning, when the wheel is in its central position, position keeping is automatically activated, so relieving the captain of need to make continuous corrections. Under navigation the “Tactile” system adapts the wheel sensibility and the ends of stroke, to experience a never felt before precision and turning fluidity. The effectiveness of the system designed by XENTA for the Ferretti 670 becomes even more evident when, through the use of the joystick, maneuvers are performed in restricted quarters, in port or in a marina.

The integration between the independent rudders and the thrust given from the propellers and the thrusters, proportionally modulated by the main Control Unit, allows to make millimeter evolutions in a water tissue, literally with two fingers, making lateral translations, virtually unthinkable with traditional steering systems.

Activating the CRUISE mode, it’s possible to push the boat to the maximum speed. With the joystick knob, as with a normal cruise control installed on the latest cars, it’s possible to control the main engines’ RPM and, as with a plane’s cloche, it’s possible to make turns at speed.

The XENTA system, integrated with the autopilot and the system onboard the Ferretti Yacht 670, is available with the Dynamic Positioning function.