Xenta Systems extends its reach to Alaska

Xenta systems a long-time provider of joystick controls has a reputation for building quality products and providing unmatched support. There is no better example of confidence than the recent retrofit in Whitter Alaska were boaters and fisherman routinely go crab fishing and extend as far as 400 miles offshore to salmon fish.

The owner, an experienced Alaskan pleasure boater and fisherman, chose our joystick product for many reasons but his largest concern was reliability. With over 3000 boats world-wide Xenta boasts a failure rate of less than one percent.

In addition to the retrofit he chose to add our wireless joystick and Dynamic positioning to help maneuver the boat over fishing spots and hold position to test still fishing areas.

We installed our system on a 50 Maritimo with CAT engines, ZF transmissions with trolling valves, and Side Power variable rate thrusters. This factory combination of equipment performed quite well. After the initial set up and tuning we maneuvered over a fishing spot and tested the DPS.  By putting the stern into the wind, we held position for more than 20 minutes with a 6 knot wind and 4 knot current. The owner is thrilled with this performance and will be fishing the Pacific Northwest all summer.